Innovations in Sewer Maintenance Webinar

As a V&A client or partner, we invite you to join José on January 14, 2016 for a webinar regarding sewer maintenance innovations. Receive 50% off this educational seminar when you enter discount code Y2628280 at the link referenced below. Continuing education credits also apply.

Many agencies are at a crossroads when they look at their sewer systems. On the one hand, the federal agencies, such as the EPA, are issuing consent decrees for overflows at an accelerating rate; the funds that agencies have are shrinking and much of the experienced staff of these agencies are leaving the work force for a variety of reasons. As sewer systems continue to age, they are faced with higher solids loading rates, greater incidence of blockages and failures due to collapse. This topic will help those responsible for the planning, design, and operations and maintenance of sanitary sewer systems stay up-to-date on recent innovations in the field of sewer condition assessment, operation and maintenance. Learn about the recent interest in looking at sanitary sewers in terms of asset management and sustainability. Proactive measures in the areas of condition assessment, operation and maintenance of sanitary sewers and sustainability will place you on the cutting-edge of efficient long-term management of their systems.

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