At V&A, we’re proud to have built an extraordinary team combining comprehensive applied experience with a genuine commitment and passion in providing clients with grade-A services resulting in the best possible solutions.

Our culture attracts and retains some of the best people in the industry and fosters a passionate commitment to transparency, teamwork, and integrity. This offers our clients the kind of efficient, innovative service, and responsive solutions they’ve come to expect.

José Villalobos, PE
Chief Marketing Officer

  •   Licensed Civil Engineer: CA & NV
  •   Licensed Corrosion Engineer: CA
  •  Professional Engineer: TX

During the past 41 years, José has worked primarily in the water and wastewater field with a focus on design and condition assessment for corrosion protection systems for municipal infrastructure, including water and wastewater conveyance, treatment and storage facilities. He has been published in numerous technical journals and has contributed chapters in coatings and corrosion reference books.

Debra Kaye, PE
Acting Southwest Regional Manager

  • Licensed Civil Engineer: CA
  • Professional Engineer: NV

Debra brings valuable insight to project management based on a diverse background having spent 24 years of her career employed by investor owned and publicly owned water utilities and 7 years working as a consultant to utilities. She has 13 years of field experience in water treatment and distribution operations, has worked as a planning and design engineer as well as a General Manager.

Chief Operating Officer
Acting Central Regional Manager

  • Professional Engineer: TX

Our COO, Chris Hunniford, has more than nine years of experience in the field of wastewater odor and corrosion control. His project expertise includes solving a variety of odor and corrosion issues in municipal wastewater systems. He has performed the analysis and design of odor control solutions, developed and used models to predict the extent of odor and corrosion problems, and conducted field investigations and pilot performance studies to collect data. He has been the author on a number of technical papers regarding the subject of collection system odor control and ventilation dynamics.

Western Regional Manager

  • Licensed Civil Engineer: 
    AZ, CA, HI, OR, UT, WA
  • Licensed Corrosion Engineer: CA

Glenn has more than 32 years of experience in condition assessment, corrosion and coatings engineering for protection of concrete and steel structures in municipal infrastructure. His specialized services include evaluation of existing pipelines, force mains, cathodic protection and coating systems, design of new systems and construction inspection. 


Kim has been with V&A for more than 25 years and oversees Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, and regulatory compliance.

Chris Sheldon, PE
Corrosion Engineering Technical Lead

  • Licensed Professional Engineer: TX, NY, PA

Chris has 20 years of corrosion control experience relating to cathodic protection. He has exceptional leadership skills with an extensive knowledge of utility corrosion control including engineering design, construction, and project management. Chris has proven technical support skills managing a wide variety of groups and teams while developing best practices and he is dedicated to providing high quality results and meeting schedules at the lowest cost.


  •  Licensed Mechanical Engineer: CA

As practice leader, Kevin brings more than 17 years of experience in flow monitoring, smoke testing, inflow and infiltration (I/I) analysis, condition assessment, and design of sanitary sewer facilities and collection systems. He has conducted more than 1,000 flow monitoring projects for multiple municipalities and agencies throughout California. Kevin is also a nationally-recognized expert in his  and has extensive knowledge on the processes and procedures required.


  • Licensed Chemical Engineer: CA

Manny is our coating systems management practice leader. He has more than 12 years of coatings experience and has been involved with the condition assessment of coating and lining systems for metal and concrete structures including digesters, pipelines, tanks, and other appurtenances for water and wastewater facilities. He is a NACE Level 2 Coatings Inspector and has been involved with plant-wide coating systems management and standard coating design specifications for multiple municipalities.


As V&A’s Marketing Manager, Karol-Lynn brings 30 years of experience with focus on communications and marketing from the A/E/C community with specialty niches in environmental technical support services and the water/wastewater and light rail transit industries.