Redwood City

Flow Monitoring in Redwood City

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Redwood City stretches from the San Francisco Bay towards the Santa Cruz Mountains. The range of the city is approximately 34 square miles, consisting of 19 square miles of land and 15 square miles (43.91%) water. Redwood Creek plays a major role in providing a draining watercourse for Redwood City. Several significant river deltas connect including one of the largest Westpoint Slough. This tells you that water and flow monitoring is very important in this Silicon Valley city.

V&A and TotalFlow performed wet weather sanitary sewer flow monitoring services within the city to evaluate the inflow and infiltration rate into the City’s sanitary sewer system. The 8-week project included flow monitoring; 12 open-channel flow meters at 11 sites and 2 rain gauges. TotalFlow performed the fieldwork, while V&A Consulting Engineers performed the project management and reporting.