We'd like to thank Jake and Youth Beat for their outstanding videography. Youth Beat provides video services for businesses but also free media training, youth development and employment opportunities for students in Oakland public schools. It is a wonderful pairing of professionals and students. We'd call it a Win-Win!


V&A U - Corrosion Can Be Measured

Video 1- Corrosion can be measured

V&A’s Founder Jose Villalobos, PE and Associate Engineer Matt Snow, CP3 exhibit that corrosion is a measurable phenomenon. Measuring leads to determining how to better use municipal resources. “If we can measure, we can manage.” (Peter Drucker) 

Corrosion Cell infographics-01.png

video 2 - Corrosion Between Steel and Copper

Measuring voltage between cooper and iron. There is a voltage difference between the 2 materials. 


video 3 - Corrosion between Magnesium and Copper 

Measuring the current and voltage of the corrosion cell. The circuit created has the same voltage as the sample battery. The current and voltage is increasing.


video 4 - Calculating Corrosion Rate based on Measurements

Now, they show how we use the measurements to determine how to maintain the pipe's integrity and thus, the infrastructure.