V&A’s mission is to be the industry leader in delivering field-based solutions that maximize the life cycle of our client’s civil infrastructure systems.


 We are committed to recruiting and maintaining highly-skilled and competent staff to serve our agency and commercial clients such as EBMUD, the City of San Jose, the City of San Diego, Orange County Sanitation District, AECOM, Carollo Engineering, West Yost, West Harris County Regional Water Authority, Colorado River Municipal Water District, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to name a few.


Today, V&A has offices in Oakland and San Diego, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Houston, Texas to serve our clients.


V&A employs current technologies such as broadband electro-magnetics (BEM), Ultrasonic Thickness (UT) Testing, GPS locating techniques, Smoke and Dye Testing, as well as ENVISION™ sustainability management techniques. We have tremendous hands-on experience and a strong working knowledge of today’s industry technologies, tools, and equipment. Our expert team of engineers—many respected as top-in-their-field/discipline—practice industry-standard management techniques ensuring delivery of efficient and cost-effective services. 


V&A has the ability to tailor services to meet the needs of our clients because of in-depth knowledge of agency funding, budgetary constraints, and operating challenges including short- and long-term goals—as many of our staff come from backgrounds working for those very same agencies. We understand design requirements and cost implications and recommend appropriate solutions and alternatives that provide our clients with the ability to ascertain true life-cycle costs of their assets—an extremely valuable component of successful asset management. 


V&A provides specialized services to assess and maintain infrastructure resiliency and sustainability. We provide the information our clients need to make informed decisions based on carefully and methodically collected data. Our service lines/areas of discipline are comprised of Corrosion Engineering, Condition Assessment, Flow Monitoring, Coating Systems Management, Odor Control, and Asset Management.