V&A completed sanitary sewer flow monitoring and rainfall monitoring with inflow and infiltration analysis within the Eastern Municipal Water District. 

Flow Monitoring - Eastern Municipal Water District 

Flow and rainfall monitoring was performed over a period of approximately one month at 55 open-channel flow monitoring sites and five rain gauge locations. The purpose of this study was to measure sanitary sewer flows at the flow monitoring sites, estimate sewer capacity and conduct analyses pertaining to infiltration and inflow (I/I) occurring in the basins upstream from the flow monitoring sites. The final report also included recommendations regarding examination of reduction needs to determine a future I/I reduction program.

This project continued into a second year of flow monitoring — V&A’s scope of work included open channel flow monitoring at 60 locations for 3 weeks with 15 of these locations installed for a total of ten weeks in order to assess inflow and infiltration from a wet weather event.